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Undermount Sink Versus Drop In Sink
When it comes time to decide between undermount sink and drop in sink, there are a few things to consider. .. Click on MORE to find out.
What To Look For In A Sink
You should consider a number of factors before heading to the store to purchase stainless steel sink... Click on MORE to continue reading
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Undermount kitchen sinks have one distinct advantage over rimmed or drop-in sinks: zero rim exposure. An undermount sink mounts underneath the countertop for a seamless appearance from on top. For use with granite or quartz surface countertops.

Pros and Cons of Undermount Sinks

  • You can get up to a half square foot of extra counter space by tucking the rim underneath.
  • You can wipe counter debris straight into the sink--no rim to obstruct you.
  • Easier clean-up than rimmed sinks.
  • Visually attractive.


  • Slightly higher labour cost for cutting out and polish the sink hole.
  • More difficult installation compare to drop in sink. Drop in sinks do not have this problem, because they rest directly on the counter.
  • Permanent in the position. It is extremely hard to replace the undermount sinks after the installation. We strongly recommend you to buy a "brand" name sink that gives you the quality and durability that lasts a lifetime

    A drop-in sink is called a drop-in because it, well, drops into a hole cut out in the countertop. The rim of the sink is visible.

    Pros and Cons of Drop In Sinks

  • Can be easily replaced in the future.
  • Can re-use your existing drop in sink for granite or quartz countertop, saving you from buying a new sink.


  • Visually is not as attractive as undermount sinks
  • Harder to wipe debris down to the sink with the obstruction of the rim
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